Mio - Boob Tube + multi-action bust firmer 100ml

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Mio - Boob Tube + multi-action bust firmer 100ml

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Defy gravity and treasure your chest

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Our famous bust and décolleté firmer just got better! Keeps delicate skin toned, bright and crinkle-free, plus gives super sag protection. Aim North, not South!

• keeps lines and crinkles at bay so thin skin stays smooth
• visibly healthier, fitter, glowing skin within days
• skin brightening actives take years off sun damaged skin

Apply once daily from neck to below boobs to keep the skin on your chest firm and sun-damage and crinkle-free. This is part of your daily skincare maintenance routine – feel free to use from age 18 to 80 on a daily basis. We promise you will thank us in years to come!

Hot Tip
This is facial quality skincare. If these are skincare benefits you want on your face, feel free to use it as a facial moisturizer, too.

How it works
Girls, let's face the facts; our boobs are on a slippery slope heading south. People say the first place you can tell a woman's age is her hands...forget about it – it's your décolletage. This vulnerable skin is exposed daily to sun, gravity and inspection and it needs protecting! Boob Tube+ has become our total cult must-have product – sought after by owners of boobs of all ages. Rich in CoQ10 (to maintain strength and structure of collagen fibres), super nourishing, and so packed full of fantastic natural actives that your skin just responds beautifully to the attention. All of our bodycare products are facial quality. That means we put the same amount of care, attention and expense into making our Boob Tube+ as the cosmetic giants do into making their eye cream. Why? Because the skin on your bust and décolletage is very similar to the skin under your eyes – very thin, very delicate without a lot of inherent elasticity. Boob Tube+ is designed to help avoid the classic lifecycle of every boob – gorgeous young boob (perky), fast forward a million bounces to a slightly older boob (saggy). You want firm and pert, right? But it is not just about sag; it is about the quality and tone of your skin across your neck and chest. It is about feeling good in a V-neck t-shirt forever. You want to avoid the common complaint of thin, dehydrated, sun-damaged skin with too many crinkles and creases.
Remember that great scene in 'Something’s Gotta Give' with Diane Keaton wearing those turtle-necks – because she was worried about her own turtle neck? She took great care of her face but forgot about her neck and chest, what a shame! Boob Tube+ will keep your skin nourished, plump, juicy and youthful – but you will need to work it in to your everyday skincare routine. It takes 10 seconds, 1 pump from below the chin to below the boobs – done.

Who loves it? It seems EVERYBODY! Boob Tube+ is even recommended by plastic surgeons to help skin cope and heal with bust surgery. Women from 18 – 80 are wise to daily dose with Boob Tube+

If you loved our Boob Tube in the past, you will love our NEW and IMPROVED + formula even more.
What’s the same

  • Omega and antioxidant rich sag protection and mega-moisturisation to keep you heading north, not sout
  • Our gorgeous gravida fragrance


What’s new
+ we’ve got even more firmers (Gotu Kola Leaf), plumpers (hyaluronic acid) and skin conditioners (Chinese Angelica Root) to help you achieve your fittest, juciest skin ever
+  Skin brightening incredibles Seppicalm DG tm, White Mulberry Bark, Hibiscus Flower and   Cucumber Seed Extracts help erase sun damage
+    New ingredient alert –our Omega-rich oils and Shea Butter are now organic
 We’ve made all of our Mio formulas even cleaner with our evolved No Nasties policy.  Boob Tube is free from parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols and pthalates. Click here for our full No Nasties ingredients policy.

Amazing ingredients at maximum levels = high intensity bust and décolletage care 

  • CoQ10 Powerful antioxidant that helps combat the visual effect of free radical damage, protecting collagen, the all-important protein net that supports your skin keeping your boobs, neck and décolleté free from the effects of gravity & ageing.
  • Seppicalm DG tm plant derived, a new generation skin lightening active; dual action to help both surface pigmentation and basal (deep level) pigmentation caused by sun damage
  • Dandelion Root (Taraxacum Officinale) Extract, Lady Thistle (Silybum Marianum Extract) Root Extract and Chinese Angelica Root Extract Wonderful skin conditioners, stimulate to encourage regeneration, act as a tonic for tired skin, reduce congestion & help brighten.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Powerful humectant plumps up skin, giving bounce and dewy glow by delivering deep moisture into skin’s base layers.
  • Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) Leaf Extract Firms and strengthens skin, improves circulation, gives smoother, softer skin

  • White Mulberry (Clerilys Morus Alba) Bark Extract, Hibiscus (Sabdariffa) Flower Extract and Cucumber Seed Extract Combined natural actives create effective brightening benefits for skin clarity.

  • Organic Shea Butter, Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Olive Fruit Oil  Loaded with Omegas to hydrate deeply plus vitamins and minerals to help repair more mature skin.  Wonderfully protective and elasticising.